Valentine’s Treats: Red Velvet Cake Truffles

Doug often says, “I love love.” And I feel the very same way.  So it should come as no surprise that I really love Valentine’s Day, but not in the “roses & chocolate” kind of way–I really don’t like roses at all.  The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day is the giving of small tokens of love to friends, family, co-workers & neighbors.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to whip up a batch of Cake Truffles in the most vibrant red I could think of–so of course, Red Velvet was the clear winner here. Please forgive the horrible lighting in these photos.  I had worked all day in the office and then spent all evening in the kitchen, so I didn’t have the luxury of early morning or late afternoon natural light.

Cake Truffles 1

Red cake batter makes me happy! It’s so bright and matches my mixer and kitchen accents perfectly!

Cake Truffles 2

This is step 4 of the process (I can’t go giving away ALL of my secrets, y’all!)–balling them up before they go to the freezer for a few (which is step 5).

Cake Truffles 4

Didn’t get to capture the dipping process … had to work quickly in order to get the sprinkles to stick before the chocolate hardened! These are the finished products, pre-packaging.

Cake Truffles 5

Dug around in my trusty craft storage drawers and found some bubblegum pink raffia (the plastic kind, not the paper kind–plastic holds a tighter tie without breaking)! The tags were a quick creation I whipped up in Adobe Illustrator.

Cake Truffles 6

Some got individually packaged for co-workers and neighbors.

Cake Truffles 7

Others were packaged in 4s for some couple friends. 2 for him and 2 for her!

Cake Truffles 3

Of course, none of this would have been possible without my constant kitchen companion! Faithful supporter or hungry scavenger … you decide.


Cupid delivers. Everyone loves happy mail, especially when it’s edible.

So there you have it.  To quote my friend Laura, “Baked goods can totally change the world.”

And I happen to fully agree.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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